Wuxi Golden Knight Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, customer service and service in one of the high-tech enterprise innovation, long-term commitment to the safety of storage needs solve the global each office; solid Naian always adhere to the best price, to provide safe storage of a set of professional solutions for customers.

The company's main products include: system security storage solutions, high-end custom outdoor safety storage warehouse, industrial safety cabinets, fire safety cabinets, explosion-proof safety cabinets, antimagnetic safety cabinets, gas cabinets, PP cabinets, cabinets, drums, instruments and display of poisonous hemp drugs and other products; solid Naian's safety cabinet with Japanese JIS industry meet the standards, certification authority standard laboratory UL insurance business, won the European CE certification, in order to reach the international standard of ISO9001.

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